Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Project C v5.8-r3 release

Project C v5.8-r3 is released at https://gitlab.com/alfredchen/linux-prjc/-/releases/v5.8-prjc-r3

And dear users(especial  amd cpu users), please check issue report at https://gitlab.com/alfredchen/linux-prjc/-/issues/8. If you have similar issue, pls let us know and try 00_v5.8_r0_disable_wake_list.patch in the attachments and see if it fix the issue for you.


  1. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, Alfred!
    I have been testing the new/ old PDS for around 5 days now. There seems to be an "aging" issue with it. After several hibernations and heavy RAM/ shm/ swap usage, the system gets significantly slower. More stuttering in video playback occurrs. I remember this from the former days of PDS. This difference vs. BMQ is quite significant, IMO.
    When having used BMQ, this didn't happen in the scope of 2 weeks. Currently I'm re-testing the BMQ, to verify.

    Best regards,

  3. BMQ runs great.
    Didn't check PDS yet.