Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New vrq patch for v4.3

I'd like to wait for v4.3.1 before official release new gc and vrq code, but it looks like a test patch would be welcome before that.

Here it comes, please download the vrq_v4.3_0465_2.patch from bitbucket download page and it contains the bfs 0465 rebase and part3 of task caching commit in it. Feel free to git it a try and report back.

PS, I got feedback from a user who report vrq with wine gaming has better experience like mouse movement etc. It turns out the initial idea of vrq about reducing grq lock sessions helps.

BR Alfred

Monday, November 9, 2015

GC and VRQ branch update for v4.3

GC branch has been updated at bitbucket and github, gc version has bumped to v4.3_0463_1 with a minor v4.3 sync-up update. The all-in-one patch file is at gc_v4.3_0463_1.patch.

VRQ branch has been also updated at bitbucket and github, the version is v4.3_0463_1_vrq0, new commit for vrq will be added upon it. All-in-one patch file is at gc_v4.3_0463_1_vrq0.patch.

Have fun with 4.3 kernel.

BR Alfred

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

gc_v4.3_0463_0 patch released

The "zero" version of -gc patch for 4.3 kernel has been released at bitbucket download page. It's a single patch file you can apply upon vanilla kernel source tree. I'm working on the rest of commits on -gc branch and waiting for upstream patch updates for v4.3 before pushing the -gc branch to public git.

Pls report back if you have issue with the patch, I'm still looking at the minor changes and may bump the version to "one" when it's official released.

BR Alfred