Monday, March 23, 2015

3.19.y-gc branch updates

Yes. -gc branch should be updated but I personal want to wait for the v3.19.2 stable version to be out then rebase on it, so it is late.
And while the -new branch once appeared in git which I used to sync up git tree between desktop and notebook make some trouble for friends who have tried it. This remind me to publish codes carefully.

There is no new commits for -gc branch, just minor bug/comment fixes. I have rewritten some commit titles and tag with [Fix]/[Sync], so it would be easier to tell what the commit is used for.

And, I have done one *make no more friend* thing, I have delete the origin linx-3.19.y-gc branch and create a new one, with the same name. Because I don't want to keep the old merge commits info in the branch. Any one know how to make it clean please let me know.
So, you may have trouble to pull out this new linx-3.19.y-gc branch, because your local copy is different and no more existed in "server" side. Simply delete the old remote linx-3.19.y-gc branch in your git tree and pull again, then you will be fine.

Branch url: