Monday, February 15, 2016

VRQ v4.4_0466_vrq3 released

In this minor update, just two new commits

88a07b9 bfs/vrq: Do not cache rt tasks
23c7b29 bfs/vrq: Add policy_stick_timeout
7d189bb bfs/vrq: -vrq version bump to v4.4_0466_vrq3 

Just three commits, so I don't provide the all-in-one patch file, you can find the new tag(v4.4_0466_vrq3) in bitbucket and github repository, and the linux-4.4.y-vrq branch also been updated.

For the cached task, now they have a stick timeout which set to 1/16 ms rather than using the same cache timeout value in previous version. Based on my test, which help the system resume delay and also help to overall performance. And because of this new changes, I have set the NORMAL policy task caching timeout to 6ms. Please re-test this default setting again and see how it works in this new version.

BR Alfred