Saturday, September 5, 2020

Project C v5.8-r2 release

Project C v5.8-r2 is released at

PDS has been ported from 5.0, I have tested for weeks in daily usage include suspend/resume etc, so it is good for open testing.

Detail changes can be trace via git commits, and will not be covered in blog. And I am thinking about move code/development information and activities to gitlab instead of blog. So, later, blog update will be just a notification about a new release. :)


  1. @Alfred:
    Thank you again for your hard work!
    Can you tell some "parameters" for use cases, whether to use BMQ or PDS?
    Maybe also users can share their experience here.

    TIA and best regards,

    1. sched_timeslice and yield_type are the only two parameters which work for both BMQ and PDS.
      I haven't compare BMQ vs PDS after porting yet. One of intention of porting PDS is the rework/improvement plan for PDS, so it's pointless to compare BMQ and PDS before the rework are done.

    2. If this helps at all: (note about BMQ vs unofficial PDS)

    3. Okay, thank you for your comments. Just wanted to know something about the advantages of PDS vs. BMQ. So, I'll stay patient and look forward to the complete rework.
      PDS in the current state looks to run fine. Second day. Subjective impression: As good as BMQ.

      Best regards,

  2. Thank you very much.

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