Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time to have fun with kernel 4.1

Just pushed my BFS0462 port and -gc bfs enhancement patches for kernel 4.1. There is no new features in -gc branch but some bug fixes and sync up changes with mainline kernel.

Nothing remarkable items, I have put all of them in commits if I remember correctly.

Pls check it from bitbucket or github

PS, recently I got a google chromebook pixel(2013), I could have some test with SMT after I set up the system on it.

BR Alfred Chen

Edit: We found an issue that UP is broken in BFS since kernel 3.18, investigation is going on but I put it in low priority than the kernel 4.1 -vrq branch release.

Edit(Jul 17): Update -gc branch to rebase kernel v4.1.2 and fix compile error when enable some kernel hack config.
9654667 bfs: [Fix] Fix undeclared sched_domains_mutex. 
b6e4eaf bfs: [Fix] Fix wrong rcu_dereference_check() usage. 
I have done a force update on the linux-4.1.y-gc branch, so if you have fetched it before, please delete the remote branch in your git and re-fetched it again.