Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pre-release of v4.6_0469_vrq0 patch

Pre-release of v4.6_0469_vrq0 patch is available now.

It is the first BFS/VRQ patch for kernel 4.6, a few things haven't been done yet, including the cpufreq_util adaptation in BFS and some possible enhancement during 4.6 sync-up, which will require more time to be completed.

Again, there is no new changes comparing to the v4.5 vrq branch, just the sync-up code for v4.6.

Time to have fun with 4.6 kernels. :)

BR Alfred

Monday, May 16, 2016

4.5 VRQ test patch v4.5_0469_test0 updated

4.5 VRQ test patch has been updated with two new commits, which

  • only stick non-rt and non-kernel tasks
  • make stick preemt task preemtable

with these two new commits, no frame drop can be seen for h264 playback while 300% IDLE workload running at the background. But for 300% nice 19 NORMAL workload, there are still 4 frame drop in about 5mins test comparing to zero frame drop in pure VRQ branch kernel. So yes, there still some thing can be done to improve the interacting for NORMAL policy tasks. Consider that 4.6 has been come out and I'm going to work on 4.6 sync-up, the improvement for test branch will be continued in 4.6 test branch. Before testing the 4.6 VRQ, you can have a try for this new test patch for 4.5, and I'd like to hear your feedback.

PS, I have forced updated the git branch, so please re-fetch them from git.

BR Alfred