Friday, March 4, 2016

Branch strategy update

You may be noticed that there is no -gc branch in my git repositories from kernel 4.4. And yes, it is intended to be. As it's overhead to maintenance two branches and keep code changes stable on them. So here is the update for branch strategy

1. From 4.4 and so on, there will be only -vrq branch, no more -gc branch and vrq branch is considered stable.
2. There will be an -wip branch which will contain new code changes need to be tested before adding into -vrq branch.
3. The first release for a new kernel major version will contain *no new feature* code except the mainline scheduler sync-up changes. Hopefully this help to identify issues on new kernel release.
4. LTS (long term support) branch. For any kind of reasons,  I think LTS branch is needed as they runs for years at lease after the next LTS kernel comes out. I will try best to back-port  new code changes to LTS branch and see how it helps with people who stick on it. The first LTS branch is linux-4.4.y-vrq.

BR Alfred