Friday, April 14, 2017

VRQ 0.95 release

VRQ 0.95 is released with the following changes

1. Fix compilation issue with CONFIG_CPUSETS(thanks Dzon reporting this)
2. Introduce hrtimer for task time slice expiration.
3. NO_HZ_FULL support
4. cpumask topology output in hex format.
5. use cpu_online_mask in sched_init_topology_cpumask(), this fix wrong topology setup for some system.

The most important feature in this release is introduce hrtimer for task time slice expiration and re-enable NO_HZ_FULL support.

For issues, Dazon also report his issue that unable to achieve full cpu utilization in kernel compilation. And I am still investigating, anyone else has similar issue could let me know.

In next release, SMT improvement is in the plan list.

Enjoy VRQ 0.95 for v4.10 kernel, :)

code are available at
and also

All-in-one patch is available too.

BR Alfred