Monday, March 18, 2019

BMQ 0.90 release

BMQ 0.90 is released with the following changes

1. Consider boost_prio in task_prio(). This will allow cpu monitoring tool shows task boost/deboost priority changes.
2. Fix BMQ compile fails for x86-UP.
3. Some code optimization.

This is a bug fix and improvement release of BMQ.

Enjoy BMQ 0.90 for v5.0 kernel, :)

Full kernel tree repository can be found at
And all-in-one patch can be found at gitlab.

Please report bugs at


  1. Please checj my comment here:

    1. I have pushed a fix for UP fix below, pls fetch it if you are using BMQ for non-SMP

      Thanks for the code review, :)

  2. Compiled fine, booted on i7@work, Ryzen 1700@home and Ryzen 2400G@home. Thanks.
    BR, Eduardo

  3. Gave this a try and I'm happy to see that the task queue enter/exit starvation which I reported via email last year seems to be gone. Very nice results overall!

    1. I have to check back the email to recap the issue you reported. But I believed it has been fixed in PDS. :)

      Anyway, once again, use to report bugs, blog/email are not good place for bug tracing.

  4. hi, i have freezes on vulkan games, pds-mq have this same problem and this fixed by ( yield_type 2, rr_interval 1 ) and this works really good,
    on bmq i tried change yield_type from 1 to 0 and CONFIG_SCHED_TIMESLICE from 4 to 1 ( this decrease micro stuttering ) ( not fully helped )

    1. Thanks for the feedback.Sorry that no workaround in BMQ for your vulkan games currently.
      Setting yield_type to 0 normally just make yield behaviors worst. And CONFIG_SCHED_TIMESLICE is strongly not recommended to be changed.
      Will introduce yield_type 2 in the further BMQ release, hopefully can solve yield problems.

    2. @Anonymous above
      Just found an obviously bug in yield implementation, which make yield_type 1 works as yield_type 0 for NORMAL tasks. The fix is push as
      Would you retest vulkan games on BMQ 0.91 and with the above fix? Many thanks.