Monday, December 5, 2016

VRQ 0.89e release

4.9 kernel will be released soon and vrq 0.89 will be replaced previous version as the official release of VRQ branch. To give enough hand-off period  before 4.9 officially come out, here come VRQ 0.89e release with just two commits

1. Fix hang issue once switch to schedutil governor.
2. Use mainline loadavg.c for load avg calculation.

code are available at
and also

All-in-one is available too.

Enjoy this release, :)

There is just one may be two missing features which existed in previous vrq but not yet be in vrq 0.89 release. Once they are done, 0.9 can be official released, hopefully it could happened this year.

 BR Alfred

1 comment:

  1. @Alfred,

    thanks for new release. Just built and installed (I got new machine which is way faster then previous, so my builds are taking quite faster :) )
    From the look of it, all seems good, C states are working (on laptop of course) and no excesses so far.
    Later today or tomorrow or some time ( :)) I put that on my old trusty Phenom II to see what's on there. Will post the results to google page and here as well.

    Thanks for Your advancements,