Wednesday, August 3, 2016

v4.7_0472_vrq0 patch released

Finally, v4.7_0472_vrq0 patch released

Please check it out at bitbucket and github, all-in-one patch is also available.

It's based on BFS 0472 and *no new code changes* from 4.6 vrq branch. As cpu hotplug api changes in 4.7 which impact the availability of several cpumask bitmap during system init/suspend/resume phase. There are some code modification in individual commits to adapter these changes.

The patch is running fine on 3 of my machines and no suspend/resume regression is observed so far. Sanity tests will be on the way.

The next release will be the vrq1 patch which to  merge/rearrange some commits and prepare for the -test branch.

Enjoy this vrq patch for 4.7 and your feedback will be always welcome.

BR Alfred


  1. Mmmh, on my system all processes come up on cpu core 0 (first of two) after resuming from suspend-to-disk and suspend-to-RAM. Seeems like their affinity gets set to 0x1 instead of 0x3.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Manuel Krause

    1. @Manuel
      Thanks for the report. Confirmed. Fix on the way.

    2. Here is the fix for this.

      BR Alfred

    3. Thank you for the quick fix! Everything running normal and as expected now. :-)

      Happy developing,
      BR Manuel Krause