Monday, August 22, 2016

v4.7_0472_test2 patch released

v4.7_0472_test2 patch has been released, with the following changes
1. Revert "Immediately select preempt task in deactivate_choose_task().", which is reported introduce lag of mouse pointer moving when idle.
2. Adding quick path in pick_other_cpu_stick_task() when no preemptible rq/cpu or just one preemptible rq/cpu.

Enjoy this new release and feedback will be welcome. :)

BR Alfred

It's nice to hear that -test2 fixed issues on -test1, now, base upon -test2, there are debug patches for testing, you can check them out at previous post "debug patches call for testing"


  1. Dear Alfred, thank you very much for addressing this issue so quickly! Exactly these two changes together fix the problem. Very nice! :-)
    (For our reassurance, and in the silent hope of non-contradicting code, I've cross checked that all both points are needed. Meaning, if "Immediately select preempt task in deactivate_choose_task()." commit is applied again, pointer lags do occur. So, we know, point 2 doesn't solve the job alone.)

    Thank you again for your work, BR
    Manuel Krause

    1. Good to hear that -test2 solved your issue on -test1, and if your time is available, please try the debug patches and your feedback will be welcome.