Tuesday, June 21, 2016

v4.6_0470_test0 patch for testing

Here comes the first test patch of vrq test branch for 4.6 kernel. (It's an all-in-one patch, apply clearly upon vanilla kernel tree)

Have fun and feedback will be welcome.

BR Alfred


  1. I assume, that you haven't changed the test code compared with the 4.5 test version?

    I have the same issues with the 4.6 test patch: Lagging mouse pointer, especially directly after KDE is up and later with intense i/o, sometimes also frame drops in mpv/smplayer with the latter. So, there's still potential for improvements.

    For now I'd prefer the standard VRQ1_470.

    BR Manuel Krause

    1. Yes, there are new changes compare to the 4.5 test branch. But I am afraid that the new changes don't address your concern.

      And there will be another test patch today which adjust another code path, hopefully it would be helpful for you.

      BR Alfred