Tuesday, June 7, 2016

4.5 VRQ test patch v4.5_0469_test0 updated, again

Yes and again, 4.5 VRQ test patch has been updated, by adding one new commit to the -test branch after many tries to improve the interactivity based on current -test code changes.

In my test environment, with this new commit, there is no frame drop playing h264 video while 300% BATCH/NORMAL/IDLE workload in the background. Feel free to have a try and your feedback will be welcome. Next update would be happen in 4.6, :)

PS, I have forced updated the git branch, so please re-fetch them from git.

BR Alfred


  1. The site deletes my posted (as Anonymous) report after some seconds. Is there a limited number of words, characters...?
    Can you please check this?

    BR Manuel Krause

    1. ... or even blacklisted words/ expressions?

    2. --I have it running together with my other usual patches for 20h now and my first subjective impression is: Interactivity improved in comparison to last test0 revision but still doesn't reach the high level of your standard VRQ. I still get a lagging mouse pointer in the KDE under certain circumstances, which are mainly: when the desktop is freshly up and I start applications and next, under I/O involving shm and swap -- but sometimes also without these known possible "bottleneck" situations.

      Thanks for testing, continue improvement will at 4.6 test branch.

      --What is the aim of the test branch: Improving interactivity/ performance/ or even both?

      For the whole system, I'd said that is for both. In general, I'd like to give NORMAL policy tasks interactivity and boost the performance for those don't need much interactivity, such like BATCH/IDLE tasks. But balance is needed to be handled when both NORMAL and BATCH/IDLE tasks are running at the same time.

      -- Other topic: CK has published the BFS for 4.6 kernels: I've had your related VRQ pre-release running for several days without issues, and, now my question, have you already elaborated the previously mentioned "possible optimizations"?

      After thinking it twice, that "possible optimization" won't be needed. After sync up with CK's 460, I'd official release the VRQ branch. BTW, the 4.5 bfq patch works for 4.6?

      -- And: Any effort on post-factum's issue report(s)?
      We are still tracing the issue so far.

    3. I don't know what happened to the blog. But there is no blacklisted words setting for the blog setting I can see. I can get the notify email when you post sth even it is auto deleted.

    4. Thank you for citing my posting and for answering my questions. Just at this very moment I wanted to bother you with another inquiry. ;-)

      You most likely meant CK's 470 ?!

      And, yes: The 4.5 BFQ patches work for the 4.6 kernel. Only needed/ suggested setting is to turn it's hierarchical scheduling OFF.

      Good luck for you both at bug hunting and BR,
      Manuel Krause