Monday, August 30, 2021

Project C release update message moved

 As you may noticed, I am not updating this blog for Project C kernel release messages.

Because I have used linux-prjc development release page only for two kernel release cycles. If you are looking for latest Project C release update information, pls follow Project C source code repository in gitlab. Usually, the first release -r0 for the latest linux kernel will be released in 0~2 days after the official release of latest kernel.

Enjoy it. ;)


  1. ... and where reside the all-in-one-patches? Who needs the whole kernel repo???
    Not confident with this lazyness. :-(


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. And I'm confident that such hostile comments shouldn't be here.
      Actually there is all-in-one patch. You were just 3 clicks away from it.

    3. Thanks Yevhen to point it out. I thought all have known about the repo to hold the all-in-one patch,

      Yes, if you miss it, all-in-one patch are always be in and in kernel release category.

    4. My comment has neither been meant "hostile" nor impolite. I have high respect for Alfred and value his and the community's work for many many years.
      Since weeks or months I'm just missing release notifications. And the present lack of cross references / links between the two repositories & this blog is simply unhandy IMO. I still don't understand this.

      Best regards,