Sunday, December 30, 2018

PDS 0.99j release

PDS 0.99j is released with the following changes

1. Fix missing mainline scheduler API for psi.
2. Fix fail to build on ppc64 arch. This issue was reported to PDS-mq repository 3 months ago, and I have missed the notification, very sorry about that.
3. Several code implement level optimization.
This is the happy new year release of PDS, include bug fixes and optimization. Thanks for your supporting PDS in 2018. PDS achieved stability, feature and performance this year.

Looking forward in the incoming 2019, there is not much pending features in my list, and after those features, PDS may very close to 1.0 release(thus it just a release number). So, sometime next year, PDS development will slow down(it will still sync with mainline release and bug fixes), I will switch to another scheduler project, hopefully ideas can be inspired from each other projects and benefit from it.

Enjoy PDS 0.99j for v4.20 kernel, :)

Code are available at
All-in-one patch is available too.


  1. Big thanks and Merry Christmas! :)

  2. @Alfred,

    Thanks for Your work, will compile and check soon.
    Happy New Year!

    BR, Eduardo

    P.S. Do You have some donation link for different type of "thanks"? :)

    1. @Eduardo
      Thanks and happy new year.
      I don't have donation link ATM, but should be good to put into the ToDo list of this year, :)

  3. @Alfred,
    Hi, and thank you for making these patches.

    I have problem when applying to 4.20.0 gentoo-sources, I dont know how to fix it.


    1. PDS-mq patches can clearly apply upon mainline kernel source. Gentoo-souces(though I don't use it) is very unlikely has such huge conflict with PDS patch, I think you should check with ebuild step by step and see what patch applied and what's wrong with the kernel source folder it is using.