Monday, June 4, 2018

PDS 0.98q release

PDS 0.98q is released with the following changes

1.Sync up with 4.17 mainline scheduler changes.

This is the first PDS release in 4.17. Because there are head files related code changes from mainline, so there may be chances compilation doesn't work under given combination of kernel config(scheduler related), please report back when it happens. Two "last minute" scheduler changes haven't been pick up from mainline, need more time to see how it apply upon PDS, because it happens on critical code path.

Known issue, but not PDS related, chromebook pixel failed to suspend(same on mainline CFS).

Enjoy PDS 0.98q for v4.17 kernel, :)

Code are available at
and also

All-in-one patch is available too.


  1. Compiles and boots fine for me with the std Arch config.

    1. Thanks for the quick report. Known compilation issue when build CFS with PDS patch, I'd put the fix patch in next release.

  2. The 4.17.0 kernel is quite a nasty b*tch: So far, I wasn't able to adjust TuxOnIce for it, except for minor changes.
    What should I do now for functions defined whithin
    what is =y for my system, that make problems already at compilation?

    BR and TIA,
    Manuel Krause

    1. namely:
      asmlinkage long sys_swapon(const char __user *specialfile, int swap_flags);
      asmlinkage long sys_swapoff(const char __user *specialfile);


    2. Sorry people, for bothering,
      after researching for a clue for two days now, I actually saw, that Nigel Cunningham has changed some things on the TOI, today. As I'm no developer, I haven't found his solution at all by myself. His solution seems to compile & work.

      And he's apparently now moving to GitLab, too.

      BR, Manuel Krause
      BR, Manuel Krause