Monday, September 4, 2017

VRQ 0.97a released

VRQ 0.97a is released with the following changes

1. Sync-up 4.13 mainline scheduler code changes.
2. Fix cpu preempt race in task_preemptiable_rq(), reported by Eduardo in D3 wine playing.

This is a sync-up and minor bug fix release for 4.13 kernel. If all goes well, new feature will be in next week.

Enjoy VRQ 0.97a for v4.13 kernel, :)

code are available at
and also

All-in-one patch is available too.


  1. Compiles, boots okay, no crashes so far. I'll leave it spinning for this workday.

  2. Worked fine since morning on i7, that is 8+ hrs. Couple of suspend/resume cycles went ok.
    Will try on Ryzen and Phenom soon.

    BR, Eduardo

    1. Running on i7, Ryzen and Phenom for 3 days without any visible issues.
      Currently I have a different video card than previously (radeon -> nvidia) and haven't had a chance to run D3, so at the moment I can not verify that all is fine w/ D3, but there are no freezes on Phenom + csgo, it should be ok.

      Btw, my kid says VRQ has the best performance in games, so patiently waited for freeze on Phenom to be fixed.

      Alfred, thanks for Your efforts from both of us :)

      Br, Eduardo

    2. @Eduardo
      Cool. Please deliver to your kid my thanks for his(her?) patient and helping the test.
      And same to yourself, :)

  3. @Alfred thanks for these quick sync-ups. No unexpected problems on both machines running for a few hours.

    BR, Dzon.

    1. @all
      Thanks for the feedback. As a Sync-up and minor bug fix release, it should has less stable issue.
      If all goes well, I'd like to push new feature in this weekend. :)