Saturday, November 26, 2016

VRQ 0.89c released

VRQ 0.89c was released with

1. Introduce sched_rq_queued_masks, which made the run queue looking for higher policy queued task from other run queue firstly.
2. Fix unexpected design intention when creating new tasks and fix a hang issue enabling this new code.

I have decided to make a last-minute callback of planned task policy fairness feature commit, as it introduced a dead-lock scenario, by fixing this dead-lock, it leads to other side effects. It may need different solution for task policy fairness.

The cause of the cpu c-state issue has been found, it's the cpufreq_trigger callback.  It seems it also related to schedutil and intel cpufreq governor issues. It's time to solve it once for all.

Above two are in the to-do list in 0.89d. Although there are less commits in these release, but the sanity test also shows visible improvement in all kinds of workload.

code are available at
and also

all-in-one patch also available.

Enjoy it! :)


  1. Hi. Here are some benchmarks of VRQ0.89c again, in the hope it can help you with development.


    1. Thanks. Some benchmark for vrq kernel are missing in the link, so any wrong with those tests?