Friday, July 1, 2016

BFS/VRQ on Raspberry Pi 2

When it is at 4.1 release, the Raspberry PI 2 used to have stable issue with VRQ patch, which cause it hang after about 1 day uptime. I have to run it with -gc patch for 7*24 usage.

In this release, it happens that I have to debug the -vrq stable issue and I decided to try -vrq again on rpi2. Till now, my Raspberry PI 2 7*24 box has been up with 4.6 BFS/VRQ patch for almost 12 days. No scheduler related kernel debug warming/error in can be found so far. So it is considered stable.

The -vrq patch of 4.6 can be cleanly apply on rpi kernel tree and no additional patch is needed. Have fun with these wonderful SoCs with BFS/VRQ scheduler.

BR Alfred

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