Thursday, September 24, 2015

VRQ branch for 4.2 release

Just want to post a notice that vrq branch for 4.2 is released, at both bitbucket and github, and it's version is tagged v4.2_0463_2_vrq1.

What's new:
1. Combine a few commits into VRQ solution and bump it's version
3edb4d4 bfs/vrq: VRQ solution v0.6
2. Rename rq->nr_interruptible to rq->nr_uninterruptible, to keep sync with mainline code
dcdc064 bfs/vrq: Instroduce rq->nr_uninterruptible 
3. Task caching scheduler part 2, there will be an individual post for it
8f5e7d2 bfs/vrq: cache scost threshold adjust by llc size 
Meanwhile, I'm trying to improve performance for SMT/using task caching property,  unfortunately not every try turns out a positive result, as usual. Anyway, have fun with this new 4.2 vrq release.

BR Alfred


  1. Works great so far,

    thanks Alfred !

  2. Going to release 4.2-pf2 with -vrq just for fun. Now testing on 2 machines.

    1. OK, thanks for testing and have fun with this new branch. :)