Friday, August 7, 2015

4.1 vrq branch update -- reworking

4.1 vrq branch is updated, but there is no new commit added, as there is new sync to pick up bfs0463 and kernel v4.1.4, new commit has to be postponed to next week.

A fix has been added to the last commit to fix the compile error on UP config.

BR Alfred


  1. O.k. I've apparently made a failure with simply adding the old -vrq patches to the new -gc.
    With that kernel I got back resume problems with TuxOnIce known from earlier times.

    I'm now compiling with your updated -vrq patches and hope the problems would go away again like with your bfs 0462 port +gc +vrq.

    BR, Manuel

  2. After ~18h of uptime and regular use with the fresh -vrq patches, I can say that everything is working as fine as with the -vrq from before the 0463 update. Still a very nice kernel experience! :-)

    BR, Manuel