Sunday, May 10, 2015

v4.0.2-gc updates

Here comes the sync update for 4.0 gc branch

1. Add ck's sync patch upon 0462 for v4.0.2
2. Fix return type error for SMT_NICE, thanks pf pointing it out.
3. bfs: hotplug affinity enhancement, v1
    This is a little long story and basically it is not for pc, I'll open another topic for it later.

I also enable the github repo, so the code are on GitHub and BitBucket, feel free to pick whatever you like. Having fun!


  1. Alfred, plz, take a look at this pull request:

    I guess you should merge it as well.

    1. Yeah, I have fixed this when play with pi2 and pushed to github, but forgot to push to bitbucket.

  2. 4.0.5 release removed rt_mutex_check_prio() in favour of rt_mutex_get_effective_prio(). I've fixed BFS for it here: