Wednesday, September 17, 2014

VRQ 0.2: RQ niffy solution

One of the changes in VRQ 0.2 is RQ niffy solution, which is a replacement solution of grq niffies by put niffy into each RQ. For the original design of grq niffies, please read CK's post

Functions which need grq.niffies are time_slice_expired() and task_prio().

There are update_clocks() called before every time_slice_expired() with grq lock, that means there is no impact if RQ niffy solution is used instead of grq.niffies solution in update_clocks() and time_slice_expired().

In task_prio(), grq.niffies can be replaced by niffy in current RQ, it may not be the latest niffy among all the RQs, but it is acceptable.

By using RQ niffy solution, grq lock for niffy update/read is not required. It is designed to reduce grq lock hot spots.

For the code change, please check

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