Saturday, August 30, 2014

GC update & VRQ dev cycle


It seems that mainline 3.16.2 is not hit this week, so I have to updated and taged 3.16.1-gc.

Remarkable changes:
-- sync up with v3.16.1
-- sync up with BFS 0456
-- resched_best_idle() bug fix get 3% performance  improvement



VRQ solution is based on BFS. In order to avoid additional sync up with BFS and mainline update, I decide to take the following strategy and line up with stable kernel update strategy.

mainline .0 .1 .2 release     ---- sync up with mainline and BFS new release.
mainline .3 .4 .5 .6 release ---- put new VRQ changes in, Baseline frozen. VRQ release frozen.
mainline .7 .8 ...                 ---- testing and benchmark.


  1. Thank you for allowing "Anonymous" to post.

    I'm now using your 3.16.1 tagged version (~ +15 extra patches).

    So far, 1h, no issues, ;-)

    Regards, Manuel Krause

    1. So, here are tree days gone now, together with your patches, with every days usage, and no disadvantages appeared.
      As I didn't do any benchmarks I can't say if we'd get 3% more performance. My current setup is without SMTnice.
      Am I right, that your current v3.16.1-gc is SMTnice aware?!

      Manuel Krause

    2. @Manuel
      Yes, SMTnice should be there with ck's bfs 0456.